Incorporated Village of Russell Gardens

Mayor's Letter-November 2015

Dear Neighbor:

As Thanksgiving approaches let me bring you up to date on the
Firstly, all of our residents recently received their tax assessment
for the Fiscal Year 3/1/2016-2/28/2017. Since the Village is at full
assessment (unlike Nassau County which is not), prices increased 10%
on our residences. However, that does not mean that your Village real
estate taxes are increasing by 10%. In fact, at the December 3, 2015
Trustees meeting, the trustees will be introducing the new proposed
budget which reflects no increase in Village real estate taxes.
Secondly, the Village receives a large number of grievances from
homeowners regarding their assessment. Most of those grievances claim
a house value of 25% of fair market value. That number is used by
Nassau County. The Village assesses at 100%. The Village pays our
representative to litigate every grievance. This costs a tidy sum of your
tax dollars. This is not to imply that homeowners should not grieve their
tax assessment if it is improper, just make sure your claimed value is
100% of value.
Thirdly, I will be introducing a proposed law for the Trustees
consideration to permit day time parking on Merrivale Road between
Melbourne and Linford.
Fourthly, I received a petition from a number of residents who
reside on South Middle Neck Rd. requesting additional overnight
parking on Dunster, Darley and Melbourne. To digress, when I became
Mayor approximately 11 years ago there were 53 parking spots available
on So. Middle Neck Road only. The village added on Dunster, Darley
and Melbourne an additional 24 overnight spots. That was over a 40%
increase in overnight parking spots. Those 77 street parking spots
combined with available garage parking in the 4 So. Middle Neck Rd.
buildings total 175 spots for 161 apartment units.
Our residents have to understand that street parking, unfortunately,
cannot legally be restricted to Russell Gardens residents only.
Additional overnight parking on Dunster, Darley and Melbourne would
greatly impede the Village’s ability to keep our streets clear of snow,
leaves and other debris. Furthermore, Inspector Berry of the 3rd
Precinct, Nassau County PD has informed us that not having overnight
parking makes the Village safe from home breakins.
I am open for any other suggestions, but additional street parking
on Dunster, Darley and Melbourne is not workable for the Village.
Fifthly, residents should be aware that during weather emergencies
parking on any street (other than our overnight parking spots) is not
permitted during said emergency. Any car that is parked on the street or
parked in a driveway blocking the sidewalk will be ticketed and towed.
Sixthly, some residents or their landscapers are blowing house
leaves into the Village streets. The Village crew has been instructed
that when that occurs, the crew will pick up the leaves and redeposit
them on the resident’s property.
That’s all for now, hoping to see you on Thursday, December 3,
2015 at 8:00PM for the next Trustees meeting where we will be
discussing the proposed budget.

Very truly yours,

Steven B. Kirschner

PS: remember to place your newspapers and bulk garbage on the grassy
median in front of your home no earlier than the evening prior to
collection day.

PPS: please provide the Village with your email address in order to
receive correspondence from the Village in a more expeditious

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