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Mayor's Letter-September 2015

September 2015

Dear Neighbors:

Now that the unofficial end of summer has passed, let me fill you in on some of the “happenings” within the Village.

At the last Trustees meeting, the notice to the residents indicated that the Board would be considering a law to extend the terms of the Deputy Mayor and the Trustees. Happily, the Trustees withdrew that prospective law for consideration. In addition, the Board considered placing cameras in certain areas in the Village. We are getting “quotes” to place 4 cameras within the Village at the following locations 1) Tain Drive and Wensley Drive towards the Joyce Cohn Path; 2) Clent Road (south side) at the border with Thomaston across from the Creek Park entrance; 3) Vivian Lane towards the Village park; and 4) Melbourne Road by the stairs to the park.

Furthermore, within the next couple of weeks the Village crew will be installing more lighting for the park entrance stairs on Melbourne Road.

At the Trustees October 1, 2015 meeting the Board will be considering the status of the speed humps within the Village. Questions from some residents indicate that we have too many, not enough, just the right amount, or eliminate them all.

In addition, some residents would like the Trustees to close Tain Drive at Northern Blvd. to vehicular traffic. If you have a position – good, bad or indifferent about our traffic conditions and speed humps, it is important for you to attend.

Finally, let me add that when residents park their vehicles on the street, they should understand that our streets are not that wide and should be cognizant of hindering their neighbor’s egress from their driveway. Treat your neighbor the way you would want to be treated.

Hoping to see you in October!

Very truly yours,

Steven B. Kirschner

PS: REMEMBER – all painting and/or construction work on your residence requires a Village permit.

PPS: Please be kind to your neighbor and clean up after your pets on Village streets.

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