Incorporated Village of Russell Gardens

Mayors Letter-April,2015

April 2015

Dear Neighbor:

Finally, after a brutal winter, spring has finally arrived.

The Village crew has been cleaning up our half of the Melbourne Park and will be filling up the pot holes during the next few weeks caused by the winter snow/sleet.

The Village tennis courts should be open hopefully by the end of April for playing. The tennis courts are available for all Russell Gardens residents to use without any fees.

The Village will be obtaining plans soon to completely renovate the 3 courts at the end of the tennis season (around October 2015).

There have been some questions regarding some village equipment being stored in the park. We are planning to erect a shed on Vivian Lane (the undedicated road perpendicular to Melbourne). This shed will be able to accommodate all of the equipment presently in the park and behind Village Hall.

Lastly, we have received a few inquiries regarding Village taxes and late fees. All Village taxes are required to be paid by April 1st each year (even if your bill is not delivered by US Mail). The penalty for a late payment is 5% for the first month and 1% each month thereafter. The penalty is by New York State Statute and neither the Mayor nor the Board of Trustees is empowered to waive said fees or alter the interest penalty.

If any resident has any questions and/or problem with any Village service, please feel free to contact me.

Very truly yours

Steven B. Kirschner

P.S. Please provide the Village with your e-mail address for faster communication between you and the Village.

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